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Comoky is an institute of professional health practitioners including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, fitness provider, therapists and other health care providers.


She is geared at improving the health care system by utilizing knowledge from information technology, health and economics and social sciences. Comoky is a platform that provide an avenue for the lay man to understand their body chemistry and how to utilize this knowledge to improve their health, lifestyle and general body performances.


  • To deliver qualitative information to the public as it relate to human health.
  • To create a cheaper platform for people to access qualitative health.
  • To deliver more efficiently health care product to promote enjoyable life and ease.


Comoky started as idea by Pharm. Callistus Okwuchi Mark Ogujiuba. Who sought out colleagues in various health care professions as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, scientists from the African continent and for the African continent. The decided out of good will decided to bring a revolution into the system. It was launched on the 27th of January, 2018 as a website Over time is has grown in a virtual hospital that is renowned for its efficiency. In delivering quality health information, quality health care and quality health product using every resource available to us.