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Maintaining a perfect oral hygiene is of the very essence as it boost confidence, comfort and social live. The mouth being an opening to the body houses new daily micro-organism. It is house to over 10,000 micro-organism daily leaving it prone to certain diseases such as gingivitis, dental caries, mouth odor, tooth decay and more. It is not difficult to maintain a perfect oral hygiene. It involves simple daily lifestyle like mouth wash (brushing), tooth picking, mouth gargle, visit to dentist biannually.

Common Oral Diseases

  1. Gingivitis: This is referred to as the inflammation of the mouth. Primary symptoms includes swell at part of the mouth or different part of the mouth and mouth odor. This is communicable when you kiss an infected person.
  2.  Dental Caries: This is characterized by holes in the tooth, pain, bad breath like decay and tooth decay. Pain comes in when the decay get to the pulp having the nerve and blood supply. The pulp is beneath the hard white enamel that you can touch. Then it is severe and may result to removal of the teeth in worse case or just use of teeth scraping and filling technique.
  3. Mouth odor: This is usually caused bacterial accumulation. Often observed when bad mouth washing habits are adopted such as skipping mouth wash or improper brushing technique. We shall discuss the recommended brushing technique to use. One is expect to brush at least twice daily and gargle the mouth after a meal especially a sugary meal. The use of tooth picker to remove sticky debris from the mouth is preferred over tooth pick to avoid injury to the gum.
  4. Tooth decay: This set in a as a result of bacteria accumulation favoured by food debris leftover in between the teeth.
  5. Tooth ache: This is literally the most common oral ailment. It usually is a sign of a particular oral disease and a common health issue especially in developed countries.

Proper Brushing Technique

Different people have different technique that they apply in
brushing which the find comfortable. There are certain recommended technique
recommended according the regulating health bodies. Such as the association of
dental health in Nigeria recommend the technique we will be discussing.


Clean Water, tooth paste containing fluorine are encouraged,
tooth brush which should be changed routinely every 4 months when an original
brush is used. If the brush is fake the brittle fall, break or bend after a
short time. Brushes come in different form the hard adult brush is advised for
smoker to remove tar and for adults. The soft tooth brush are used by
teenagers, old and some adults. The small brush is used by children. Some
people prefer to use chewing stick which is also healthy and comes with great
benefits such as help build stronger teeth.


A pea sized toothpaste is applied to the brittle of the tooth brush.

The mouth is gargled with clean water, a little water is applied to the brittle without wash off the tooth paste.

The mouth is opened with both upper and lower jaw locked.
The brush at angle 45 is used to scrub the teeth from up to down first from
canine to incisor to premolar and molar. Then the mouth is open then first the inner
upper and inner lower, the base of the teeth and then the tongue is scrub. A
range of 5 - 10 strokes should be given to each area can cover down to the gum.

The mouth environs should be washed gently or left untouched.


While brushing caution should be taken to avoid swallowing
the paste or foam formed as it is toxic to health. Caution should as well be
taken not to injury the gum and expose it to bacteria while may lead to bad
or gingivitis.


The value of maintaining a perfect oral hygiene cannot be
over emphasised. As it has more benefit compared to the stressful routine of
brushing and seeing the dentist biannually.

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